Women’s Shave


A delicate rose scent sets apart the woman’s version of our popular shaving products and is a prettier color also!   Girlfriends, experience the same close shave, less dryness, longer lasting closeness and longer blade life that Woman’s Shave will give you.  After wetting the area simply apply the shave soap until a light foamy lather develops. It will also help to gently exfoliate dry areas eliminating “razor burn”.   Use it also for underarms and bikini lines.

The 2″ disc is a perfect travel size. Hint: When traveling, simply wrap the disc in a tissue after you are done with it, when it’s next used the tissue easily washes away 1.7 oz

The 3″ disc is a perfect fit in your hand.3.5 oz

The Women’s Shave Disc is soap poured into a tube, who knew!  Don’t like to get your hands sudsy? This is for you! It easily packs in a suitcase too.   2 oz



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