Men’s Shave


Men, you will be pleasantly surprised to find the Men’s shave products unlike anything you have used before! Finally a product that will give you what is promised: a closer shave, less irritation, less dry taut skin and less drag/more razor life. In fact we challenge you to try the Men’s Shave on one side of your face and your old product on the other side. And then do the back of the hand/knuckle test  10 minutes later – simply touch the back of your hand to one side and then the other to feel the closeness our shave stick will give you. It’s amazing! We’re convinced that you will see a difference immediately! Wet your face with warm water and rub your beard with the moistened stick and massage the soap into a fine lather. If the lather feels a bit thick or sticky add a little water. When you have a thin, slick lather coating your beard begin your shave and you will find that you can press harder and move your razor slower without irritation or having to go over the same area multiple times.

The Standard Shave Stick, 1.7 oz, is ideal for traveling. Never put it in a closed container, simply wrap it in tissue after you are done with it so the next time it will be ready to use after rinsing the tissue away under water.

The 3″ Shave Disc, 3.5 oz, is ideal for traditional mug and brush shaving. If necessary it can be cut down to fit in your mug/bowl and you can save the pieces for later.

Men’s Shave Tube, 2 oz, is for the person that doesn’t like to get their hands sudsy while shaving. Soap in a deodorant tube! Who knew!


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